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Mar 2, 2007 - 9:08:27 PM | 6427 Comments
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Coming out of Winter!

If your heating bill is as high as mine, I know you are ready for spring. A concern that comes to mind is safety in the winter. One of the leading causes of fire in the home this time of year is the space heater. If you have an older model that does not have automatic shut-off when tilted, please replace your space heater with one of the updated models.

Another concern is your documents. Once a document is destroyed by fire it is impossible to replace. We typically don’t think about losing our documents until it happens. Don’t be in the position of I wish I would have…

IOP can assist you in safeguarding your documents. Scanning your documents is an inexpensive way of having a digital backup of your documents. Because of flash drive technology gigabytes of data can be stored in something that will fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage.

Allow IOP to safeguard your valuable documents from fire and water damage. For more details on how inexpensive scanning your documents can be, go to our website at and let us provide you with a quote.
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